4 Best last-minute Christmas Gifts Ideas During COVID

by Carson
4 Best Christmas Gifts Ideas during COVID

Merry Christmas! It’s very close to Christmas Day now. But, there are still some presents that can be made within one day, and will surprise your entire family! So, let’s find out the best last-minute Christmas gifts.

DIY Craft Projects

Firstly, buying a present isn’t as genuine as making one, so we recommend achieving DIY. Maybe you can make a card and say “Merry Christmas” inside! But, that’s probably not enough to amaze your friends and relatives. So, take some time to think about something practical. For instance, you can create a simple toy with waste bottles and cardboard.

But, you have to be flexible to modify your idea or even redesign the entire project if the materials are not enough or are inappropriate. So, you’d better consider the stuff at home (or easily buyable) before starting your DIY craft.

You can also sell them for charity as they are unique. People will be more likely to purchase for them, and they will help the targeted people more.

We can use waste materials to make wonderful crafts
Image Credit: Canva

Create an Outstanding Image

However, your Christmas gifts can go far more digital, especially when we cannot send them on-site. We can construct an image using applications like Photoshop and Canva. We use Canva for our pictures because we can drag-and-drop many photos from its library, which are beautiful and pertinent for the topic.

Remember, don't use just stock photos for your images and videos!
What to pay attention to if you produce images or videos
Image Credit: Canva

You can use your creativity and place your photos and text in the correct place. Remember to try using special fonts and add Christmas elements due to the date. For example, you can include “Santa Claus” or “Christmas tree” to explore the pictures below your query.

Make a Video

Or, you can make a video. You can either turn on the microphone and camera, and record some celebration words. Also, you can produce some animations using Canva. In fact, the software can create a video, too!

Like making images, select your images carefully. You don’t want a wrong photo to show up, like a picture about a fight. Think about SEO, and publish quality content.

Create a Webpage

Moreover, we can create a simple webpage as a Christmas gift. However, you have to add images or videos (from the steps above) and attach it on-page. There are some limitations, though. You need to learn about the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which isn’t accomplished in a single day. So, watch this session if you know that.

Firstly, we have to write the text, of course. Surround the text with the correct heading and body text tags such as <h1>, <h2>, <a>, and <p>. Produce informative alt text for pictures that may not be displayed to ensure a better user experience. Add background images with some movements and interactives to make users stay on the page for longer.

Using simple HTML tags
How to use simple tags like <h1>, <h2>, <a>, and <p>?

Also, remember to optimize the font size and add some effects using CSS. Use the <div> tag and select the class to be customized within the <style> tag. You don’t want your font to be too dull and too classic, right? Moreover, make your fonts like “Merry Christmas” bigger: They deliver the primary message of your whole webpage.


So, here’s 4 best Christmas gifts that can be accomplished in one day. Good luck with your presents and enjoy the process. Again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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