The 737 MAX is about to resume flying!

by Carson
737 MAX

The formerly-problematic 737 MAX is about to resume flying! What was the problem with the aircraft, and when FAA will finally approve it for de-grounding.

Why Did the Grounding Happen?

So, why the 737 MAX was grounded in the first place? Well, there are two crashes involving PK-LQP and ET-AVJ, both of which are 737 MAXes, and crashed due to MCAS mis-activations. When the aircraft is pitching too high or flying too slowly, the aircraft will automatically pitch down to prevent a stall. Unfortunately, this anti-stall feature led to two fatal crashes, which puts the MAX in a perilous place. To know more about the accidents, watch the two Youtube videos (PK-LQP, ET-AVJ).

Changes Boeing Made

According to a Boeing3 webpage, they have edited the flight control system, including the problematic MCAS, so that the plane can fly again and improve safety. The MCAS is now friendlier and can’t override the pilots’ manual control anymore. Also, the MCAS currently operates on two AOA sensors, and the automation will only work if all detectors agree on the necessity.

Credit: Boeing

Moreover, some additional updates are made, which aren’t related to the accidents. That’s because, in the review and testing, some more issues are found. This action edits some wirings in the horizontal stabilizer control system. They also developed and updated some software that ensures the assumed runaway horizontal stabilizer state can never appear.

Credit: Boeing

However, because Boeing already saw the difference between the 737 NG and the 737 MAX systems, airlines need to retrain their 737 MAX pilots before the 737 MAX can ever go on a commercial flight.

737 MAX has already Recertified

According to a Simple Flying5 article, the 737 MAX has already been recertified on November 18, 2020. In fact, when the aircraft was grounded, no one, not even Boeing, has expected that they can’t fly for that long.

Credit: Tom Boon, (2020 November), Simple Flying

So, here’s the news that the 737 MAX is about to resume flying, the cause of the grounding, and Boeing’s actions to save the planes.

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