Canva — an Impressive Graphic Tool for Designers

by Carson

When you either write a blog or a professional report, you should add graphics and images because it is excellent for user retention and SEO. For convenience, you won’t write the entire image pixel by pixel because it takes a lot of time. So, you will probably ask, ‘What’s the best graphic software?’. Well, it’s Canva, which is an impressive graphic tool for designers.

How to install that?

First of all, we must know how to install it before learning how to utilize the tool. Visit, and you’ll see this webpage. Just click the “Start Download” button, and the setup will automatically start.

The Canva downloading page

When Chrome downloaded the file, click on the application, and the installation will initialize. Once the load finishes, the app will launch itself very conveniently.

However, there’s another method to use Canva — using it on a browser. To achieve that, visit and click “Sign up”. If you have an account, you can also choose “Log in”.

When you click on “Log in”, a box will appear, and you can sign in with your Google Account. You’re done! The Canva page has already loaded!

Canva’s homepage

Design your Images!

The most outstanding point of Canva is that it uses an uncomplicated interface. This feature can let people concern less about technical problems and more about the photo itself. Although Canva lacks some features like cropping images to an irregular shape, it can already make some delightful and good-looking pictures that can hold on to your blog’s visitors even better.

To get started, click “Create a Design” and select what you’re designing. Or rather, you may customize your image size. For SEO, we recommend using smaller images to increase loading speed and mobile usability. Once you’ve chosen a dimension for your file size, a blank image will show up with a toolbar on the left.

Choosing a Background

Firstly, we must plump for a great background. It’s recommended that we have either a dark or light background to prevent the text on-screen from jamming into the words. How to do that? Click on “Bkground” on the bar and you’ll see many images for you to select. Even if you set a background when the image is almost prepared, the software will ensure that it is at the back instead of anywhere else.

A background design in Canva
The “Elements”

The “Elements” is a function in the software that offers many images in its database. That ranges from backgrounds to emojis. It covers so many things that we use Canva’s elements for anything in the middle whenever we design a picture.

What’s more, if you click on the “Elements” in Canva, you will encounter a search box, which looks for anything you’d like to add. After that, just drag and drop the images and adjust the size, direction, and color for your sticker.

The Text

Like other image editors, Canva also features text boxes. The font size varies from as tiny as 6 and as huge as 144. A pro tip: You can bold, italicize, and underline the words, and even insert effects like shadows or a hollow body. Moreover, we can search and use personalized styles for your phrases in the image.

Please insert bolded text and some effects like white shadows for black text to make them more visible for the best outcomes.. However, adding a bit of creativity like different fonts are also okay but is inappropriate in formal writing. Furthermore, be as concise as possible to accommodate larger text without affecting the image quality.

How to customize your text in Canva?


So, here’s how to install and design images with Canva and its excellent features, either for beginners or professional designers. If you advertise it, make sure to mention that its interface is simple and lets users focus on the draft itself, and is an impressive graphic tool.

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