The interstellar story (fictional)

by Carson
Corridor Space Futuristic Sci Fi  - Stayquiet / Pixabay

The star, SP-15582 had 12 planets, 8 of them were rocky and 4 of them were gaseous. It was 12 light years away.

On Earth, the bug said, ‘The climate is getting worse and worse now, we need to move to another planet!’ Meanwhile, the bug and the panda heard the television broadcast said SP-15582 b was habitable. The panda said, ‘It could be our new home!’

A few months later, some other creatures and they launched a rocket to SP-15582. They visited Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto to have a farewell to the Solar System. They teleported out of the Solar System and saw Sun. ‘Goodbye, Earth!’ they said.

Then, they saw SP-44414, which had 6 planets. They were racing towards SP-44414 b! ‘Look out!’ said the panda. ‘We almost smashed into it!’ After that, they teleported a few times and visited 37 stars. Finally, they arrived at SP-15582.

‘Its a yellow dwarf star, just like Sun,’ said the bug. ‘So its planets might be really habitable.’ First, they saw SP-15582 b. ‘Oh!’ said the panda. ‘It’s a hot planet, being a lava world. I think the reporter got it wrong. Let’s go on to SP-15582 c?’ When they arrived at SP-15582 c, they said that it was a gas dwarf. Going to d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, they went to all the planets.

‘I think the most habitable one is SP-15582 g,’ said the bird. Suddenly, an alien panda attacked their spacecraft. ‘I have 5 knives. If you got struck by any of them, you would have to go back to Earth,’ told the alien panda to the dog. Thankfully, the dog dodges all of them and survived. The alien panda said it lost and raced back to ‘low SP-15582 g orbit’

Finally, they arrived at SP-15582 g and praised their advanced technology. They had many obstacles setting foot there but they are happy for the environment afterwards.

‘We must teach Earthlings to protect the environment and have advanced technology like this,’ said the panda. ‘They are a very good instance.’

They sent a message to people from Earth. It said, ‘Do you have advanced technology as advance as SP-15582 g’s inhabitants? Other than that, we should drive less, recycle more, and use products that doesn’t release much greenhouse gases. I believe they even don’t care about it because it is already a habit.’

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