The Importance of coding

by Carson

Almost everything in your life relies on one thing: coding. In fact, it can benefit our health too.


Then, what is coding? It is the process of building an executable program for whatever things. You can imagine your action as millions of lines of code, but they’re constantly changing. Coding is the same. Not only it makes a computer able to run, but also do specific things like commanding a robot to move forward for 5 metres.

Coding is extremely useful for your brain and health. It gives people opportunities so it is taught across the globe. Without these educations, our world would look a lot different from what we see and it is hard to imagine this.


However, even though programmers have thoroughly educated, they always have unavoidable errors. How to deal with them? Well, this is a process called debugging and is a common thing for anyone who is coding. This is also a method of trial and error, and is efficient for learning programming languages.

Common errors are very simple if the programmer knows what is going exactly. For example, they could be syntax errors where you have a typo or a mistake about symbols. Or it could be a name error, which occurs if you wants to access a variable or a function that has not been defined before. Each of them, along with every others, prevent the code from working as expected.

To decrease the difficulty of debugging, programmers always check for mistakes in every line of code they have written. They do this by running the program and confirm if everything run correctly so far.

The Benefits

Also, coding benefits our health too. It strengthens brain power by understanding logic and remembering them. Also, do you remember the debugging section just above? This also teaches us about accepting failure, and this can enhance your perseverance. It can also make memory stronger since it involves more experience.

In the process, you also enhance your creativity, problem-solving skills, self-confidence, and even team work if it is a team project. It can help build friendship because of the same hobby. These are all precious benefits of coding that it is one of the best ways to get them all at once.

Furthermore, when you finish the project, you probably have spent quite a lot of time of it. And at that time, you’d be happy about your efforts. This is also true in many other scenarios in your life when it involves trial and errors, like debugging.

However, it is harmful if it makes you inactive and only sit in front of a computer.

How to build the logic

It is straightforward when you build the logic for a beginner. You need to focus on why you do something, and it is already lines of code executing in your brain. Probably that’s what you need to have to start coding!

For professionals, however, needs a lot more than this practice. So, while learning coding, you still have to build new logic when you come across unexpected modules. For example, you might not notice lists or arrays while you are thinking of actions or working with computers, but you’d certainly notice that when you’re acquiring knowledge about them.

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